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Revitalize, and Make Your 

Hair Healthier


What does it do?


Refresh, Nourish, Revitalize your Hair and Scalp

DeStress Hair Lotion will nourish your hair strand and seal in moisture keeping hair and your scalp healthy, and moisturized, this product is ideal for all hair types. 


Perfect hair care  to nourish, refresh and moisturize the scalp if you are wearing weaves or braids, and excellent to use on the hair and scalp after your workout. 

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“The greatest results I’ve had with my hair in years! This is simply a remarkable product and a godsend for hair-therapy”.

- Sarah Miles

I'm happy to have discovered a brand of hair care products that I can trust, who puts the consumer first, and is aware of how important it is to be responsible and uses safe ingredients.

- Becky 

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The Destress Hair Lotion is like the fountain of youth for my hair! It makes my hair feel like it’s 30 years younger! I just comb it in and its good for the whole day!

- Sandra Kenth

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Hair Lotion


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